A Weekend Date Night in Parkville

Rich in arts and culture, Parkville is one of our favorite Hartford destinations to explore.

Whether you’re looking to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day, or you’re just tired of failing at thinking of places to bring your Tinder dates (bartaco gets old people), our itinerary will have you and your date in for a real treat.

And please take note, while half of the activities on our list are within walking distance from each other, we do recommend getting an Uber… because there is some drinking included.

Rummage through old and used books at Hartford’s iconic Book Store

Browse through the rare and historic selection of used books at The Jumping Frog, located in the Arbor Arts Center. From reading the beautifully scripted hand written notes on the back of old postcards, to skimming through the piles of historic books, you can quickly melt into the cozy vibes of this bookstore.

The Jumping Frog bookstore is open from Thursday-Sunday from 11AM-4PM, so we recommend making this one of the first stops on your date through Parkville.

Taste CT’s most unique liqueurs at Hartford Flavor Co.

After you take your time exploring the bookstore’s rare finds, walk over to the building adjacent to you until you come across Hartford Flavor Co.’s tasting room. Home of Wild Moon liqueurs, this room alone is an experience in and of itself.

The tour takes you through the owner’s (husband and wife) story, how they come up with and make each one of their unique flavors, and much more. During the tour, you’ll get to taste each one of their most popular flavors like Rose, Cucumber and Chai Spice. After the tour you’ll head over to the bar where you’ll get to choose a cocktail from their seasonal cocktail list to sip on.

Note: Tours are held every week on Fridays 4-7PM, Saturdays 1-6PM, and Sundays 2-5PM.

Watch an indie film at the Real Art Ways Cinema

After you’ve got a nice little buzz, head back over to the Arbor Arts Center until you get to Real Art Ways.

The Real Art Ways Cinema plays films that don’t make it to the big screens, so don’t expect to see the latest Marvel movie here. Whatever film may be playing at the time, you’ll find that these carefully curated independent films are always thought provoking and memorable. If you make it here a little before showtime, walk around the space and check out both the local artists exhibitions and of course, the bar.

The showings at Real Art Ways are always changing so make sure you check out the schedule here.

Enjoy a long steamy dinner at Han’s Hot Pot

After browsing through dozens of books, tasting deliciously unique liqueur flavors, and watching a movie you most likely never heard of, chances are you’re starving.

Well, get ready for a feast.

If you haven’t tried hot pot before, it is variety of East-Asian food. Ingredients are placed into a steaming hot pot of broth placed in the middle of the table. From thinly sliced meats like chicken, steak, lamb and pork to seafood, tofu, noodles and a TON of vegetable options – each is placed in simmering broth to be cooked.

Han’s Restaurant is the perfect spot for a date.

Why? Because you can spend up to 90 minutes here with whomever just chilling, munching away and enjoying the flavor-filled steam that arises between you two.

So sit back and relax, you’re going to be here a while.

Sip on after-hour cocktails at Tisane Euro Asian Cafe

Who wouldn’t wanna finish off your date with a ‘Sex in a Glass’ martini? You’ll have fun just choosing from Tisane’s inventive list of cocktails. Our advice is to skip dessert at Han’s and order it here. Tisane’s dessert menu is like a blessing for all chocolate lovers. Split a chocolate lava cake, house-made chocolate fondue, warm chocolate brownie… or, you always have the option of ordering one of each.

But the date doesn’t stop after this… go on a Friday or Saturday night and the DJ and dance floor break out at 10PM.


As for the rest of the night… well, that’s up to you.