Alvarium Beer Company Review | Connecticut Craft Trail

I’ve been to Alvarium Beer Company in New Britain twice, and each time I walked through those doors I reacted the same way… “holy crap this is an impressive brewery.”

It became even more impressive after I spoke with the owner, Mike Larson, and found out that he pretty much built out everything you see within the brewery. Including, pouring the concrete floors over an 18 hour day, spending multiple days building the impressive bee-hive designed light fixtures, purchasing and installing the screwdriver tap handles behind the bars – the list goes on and on.


In addition to feeling like a spacious hangout spot, Alvarium has an open view of the brew room (which is important to beer nerds like me), every single board or floor game you could think of, and – most importantly – tasty beer.


Parking is super convenient here – they have a full parking lot, and its a short walk from any spot in the lot to the front door.


As I mentioned previously, Alvarium is a spacious location, with the brew room open and accessible for beer nerds to gawk at. Additionally, they have awesome board games, like life-size Jenga, fooseball, and shuffleboard. I’ve also heard there is an outside space, which I’m looking forward to being able to experience in the warmer months.


Alvarium has kielbasa/sausage, making this place a big win with any of my guy friends (and my Fiancé, Justin, of course). From time-to-time you may also find a food truck parked outside – so don’t think you have to rush to eat lunch before heading here.

Drinking Rules:

Alvarium is definitely a ‘hang out’ drinking spot, rather than an in-and-out joint. Grab a beer, a board game, a few friends and be prepared to spend most of your day here. The beer is good enough to keep you occupied, but the extras that this brewery has really seals the deal.


I tasted an array of beer types between my two trips. IPA’s were, of course, a favorite, but I also had their Pale Ale, English Bitter, and Gratzer.

Beers to look out for:

  • Smoke Session (this was an odd beer when described but if you like Slim Jims and interesting brews, this one is a smokey mouthful and its great for an adventurous pint)
  • Thug Cat
  • Orange Kush
  • Treewalker
  • Phresh
Overall Rating:

(Based on atmosphere and beer quality)

A – This place is 100% solid. The beer is great and pokes at the adventurous beer drinker, and the atmosphere is comfortable and fun for groups.

But my favorite part of Alvarium? Speaking with the founder and hearing how he has connected so deeply with the New Britain area, and how he created his brewery around his love for the town and its uniqueness.