Division West West Hartford

Division West Bistro & Bar Opens in West Hartford Center

This week, Division West Bistro & Bar has made its debut into the highly competitive restaurant world of West Hartford Center, and we got the exciting (and tasty) pleasure of being included in the soft opening.

Division West is located on Lasalle Road, next to Shish Kebab House of Afghanistan and will be officially open on September 14th, 2017.

What truly makes this restaurant different from the many others in the center, is not only the incredible design and atmosphere of the space, but the attention to detail that’s put into every aspect of each meal.

Division West West Hartford

New American, European-influenced cuisine

The goal for Division West was to create a bustling bistro with European influences, along with an experience that would feel approachable and American. Co-owners, Jimi Brahim, Chef and veteran of Max Restaurant Group, and brother-in-law Ermal Caushi brings these influences to the food by including all made-from-scratch pasta and bread to the menu.

You can taste the dedication that is put into each dish. We tried the homemade butternut squash ravioli with a balsamic glaze, and it was incredible. Along with homemade pasta, Division West also serves made-from-scratch desserts by their pastry chef.

A space for everyone

We had the pleasure of sitting with the interior designer of Division West, David Pilkenton of Draftsman Design. He told us about the origin of the Division West name, “it was designed and named as a crossroad between cultures and rooted in its local neighborhood of West Hartford, which was referred to as the West Division of Hartford up until the 1670’s.”

The inspiration for the design concept “quickly became rooted in the social and dining style of a European bistro met with an American diner – somewhere you can meet friends or enjoy dinner at the diner-counter inspired bar while catching up with your favorite bartender after work.”

Division West West Hartford

The copper bar

Speaking of the bar, this was our favorite part of the whole place. The bar was beautiful, all marble with accents of copper. Pilkenton explained the “copper accents allude to the European ornamentation, but are hammered and worn speaking to the artesian quality of the homemade food. Black and white tile mosaics and a honed marble bar top ground the space with classic details, while the oak planks add necessary warmth — bringing in a relaxed country vibe.”

Division West West Hartford

But it wasn’t just the bar, even the cocktails had an incredible amount of detail and precision, whether your drink was topped with a fresh orange rind or a little flower, you could feel (and taste) how much thought went into creating each drink.

Room for more

The front of the restaurant has large floor-to-ceiling windows that open up, creating a perfect flow from the outside in. The layout makes you feel like you’re always at the best seat in the house, no matter where you’re seated.

Division West West Hartford

“It was important that every seat feel special. The different dining spaces — booths, tables large and small – are assembled in various rooms circulating around the central bar so that each zone is in a different space. In this ‘melting pot’ of a space, hospitality is everything.  Designing so that each section in the restaurant feels intimate and unique was paramount in creating the guest experience” Pilkenton explained.

No matter where you sit, or what you eat, you are guaranteed an incredible experience here at this beautiful restaurant.


Address: 36 Lasalle Rd, West Hartford, Connecticut 06107

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