han's restaurant hartford

The Best Hidden Dinner Spot in Hartford

Hidden by the overpowering Wendy’s sign, Han Restaurant can easily be lost in the sea of Prospect Street. To be honest, we drove past this place MANY times and never thought twice about it. Then bam, one day we were craving some hot pot and the first place to appear on google was Han Restaurant.

han restaurant hartford

We went into Han Restaurant on a calm Saturday and one week later we were back again. Both times greeted with a warm welcome and leaving with a fully satisfied belly.

What the … is hot pot?

Hot pot is a variety of East-Asian food. Ingredients are placed into a steaming hot pot of broth placed in the middle of the table. From thinly sliced meats like chicken, steak, lamb and pork to seafood, tofu, noodles and a TON of vegetable options – each is placed in simmering broth to be cooked.

han restaurant

Each ingredient has different cooking times, so it takes a quick little lesson to learn what goes in when, but after the first 15 minutes you get the hang of it.

Reasons why we love Han Restaurant

Bring on the flavor

Forget about your boring chicken and veggie broth, Han’s broths are PACKED with flavors like ginger, scallions, goji berries and mushrooms (the spicy broths are our favorite but watch out for those mini red peppers in there).

No two bites taste the same – add in ingredients at your own speed and mix up different combinations.

han restaurant

A real bang for your buck

The prices are a great deal for the amount of food you’re getting. If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money, then stick to the simple meats like chicken and beef and order lots of veggies. You can also forget about the hassle of picking out specific veggies and get the mini hot pot combo for $19 which comes with two proteins, your own broth pot, and about 10 different veggies.

Han’s has so many varieties of proteins, vegetables, noodles, seafood, dumplings – if you want to try something new but are unsure of whether you like it… order it. Worst comes to worst you spend an extra $4.

Philip, a.k.a the ‘Hot Pot King’

For newcomers, you can find Philip walking around the floor helping out with the perfect timing for all of your ingredients. Ask him to mix up some sauces for you and Philip will make sure you get the best sauces for your dishes and preferences. He’s also just an all-around great guy. Philip, we <3 you.

Do it for the experience

Han’s is a great spot for getting together with friends or going on a long date – you can spend up to 90 minutes here with whomever just chilling, munching away and enjoying the flavor-filled steam.

han restaurant
See if you can spot the $12.50 fish bowl.


Address: 310 Prospect Ave, Hartford, CT 06106

Hours: Everyday 11:30 AM -10:30 PM