MakerspaceCT Will Soon Foster Innovation in Hartford

MakerspaceCT recently announced they are in their final kick off stage of their construction phase.

Founder of MakerspaceCT, Devra Sisitsky, had a mission to impact lives by enabling access, innovation and education, and now this mission is only weeks away from becoming a reality.

Opening this Spring 2019, MakerspaceCT will be the largest makerspace in Connecticut and the 2nd largest in New England. Located in 960 Main St. Hartford, this space is designed to support almost a limitless variety of equipment, materials and fabrication processes for curious minds, entrepreneurs, small businesses and those alike.

Those of you who are familiar with Hartford history, may notice that the building and space that MakerspaceCT calls home contains lots of history. Ilene Frank, from CT Historical Society explained how the space used to be occupied by G. Fox & Co., the largest department store that originated in Hartford, and the place where Devra, “got her first credit card when she was five years old.”

“The demand for a facility like this has been spurred by strong, recent growth in small business manufacturing, technological innovation, DIY activities and the growing innovation ecosystem supporting local incubators, such as those taking root in Hartford, and Connecticut, currently” says MakerspaceCT.

After five years, the space is only weeks away from becoming open to the public.

Excited about the ideas and innovations that will come out of the space, Mayor Bronin explained how “this space right here is a vital addition to the innovation ecosystem. It ensures those that are here in Hartford – our community, our residents, our neighbors, who have the vision to start a business, to invent something, that they have the place to do it. The technology that they’ll have here, is something that most startups would not be able to access or afford on their own. But by being able to use it here, they get the ability to turn their ideas into reality – in a cost effective way.”

3D printing available to members

“Half the people in our state work for small businesses, and this is a place where small businesses will be created. Entrepreneurs, inventors will come together and collaborate. It is so exciting for our state. This is the next generation. This is the next industrial revolution… and it can all start right here.” says Susan Bysiewicz, Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut.

Whether you just need to utilize one of their tools – or you have an urge to learn a new hobby, MakerspaceCT will be one of the only spaces in the area that will be able to grant people access to an equipped space filled with the specific tools and knowledge needed for your next idea or project to thrive.

The MakerspaceCT space will include all of the following areas and equipment:

  • machine shop
  • welding shop
  • woodshop
  • electronics and robotics shop
  • digital fabrication
  • plastic injection machine
  • fiber arts industrial sewing machine

Check out their website here for more info.