Pratt Street Hartford

Bring Back Pratt Street

It’s that one street in Hartford that everyone is just naturally drawn too – filled with a mixture of old and new architecture, covered in red cobblestone end to end, and the sun somehow always shining through.

If you know Hartford, you know Pratt Street. Walking down Pratt Street you sometimes forget where you are. It has a welcomeness and liveliness that adds a special touch to the city.

During the 1800’s Pratt Street was home to many of Hartford wealthiest merchants, bankers and professionals. It has been through dozens of constructions and renovations, and unfortunately, in previous years has been in a decline.

Bring Back Pratt Street

In just this past year or so, plans for Pratt Street have been promising. WIP Fitness owners, Mary Kate and Laura, were looking for the perfect spot for their third location and told us that nothing got them as excited as bringing WIP to downtown Hartford.

“It’s been exciting to watch the city of Hartford progress, develop and grow – and we wanted to be a part of that.”

We second that gals, and look forward to being your new neighbors!

Pratt Street Hartford

Your New Backyard Patio

This summer, Pratt Street has started a new initiative, “Pratt Street Patio,” closing down the street from car traffic during 11AM-2PM every Monday-Friday, inviting people to either grab or bring some lunch, meet new people and experience local talent.

Tables and chairs are brought out every morning and not one day goes by where they’re not occupied (well unless it’s thunderstorms but that’s reasonable, right?)

To end the work week off, “Pratt Street Patio” extends its hours on Friday to 8PM and includes live music from local performers. Reggae, acoustic – you name it.

Pratt Street Hartford

There’s nothing like spending your lunch break on Pratt Street listening to local artists with a community of people who are just looking for a spot to unwind from their busy workdays. The people are benefiting, the local businesses are benefiting and the city is benefiting. We’re all for “Pratt Street Patio” and look forward to helping Hartford bring more initiatives like this one into the area. And hey, find us on the street during lunch and we’ll buy you a cold one.

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