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Hey you,

You may have seen us all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or maybe even met us at one of our weHartford Happy Hours (yes, these are finally back).

wehartford hartford

For over a year now, we’ve been working on building out our social channels, connecting with all of you wonderful people and creating this weHartford website in order to be your new go-to on everything Hartford and beyond.

weHartford Hartford

Let’s face it – sometimes Hartford gets a bad rep. But, we strongly believe that Hartford is not only the “Hart” of Connecticut, but it’s a place filled with a uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else.

We’re talking about some of the best places to grab a cold IPA, picnic at a jazz festival, shop for a handmade snapback or exercise away all of last weekends Korean BBQ.

Hartford Jazz Festival

We’re here to show you that Hartford is filled with events, places, restaurants, and people that make this state great.

So if you’re “The Planner” of the friend group, or just want somewhere to go after a long Wednesday workday, then you might as well bookmark us on your home tab right now, follow us on all of our social channels (if you haven’t already) and keep checking our page for upcoming posts.




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