Hartford Summer Cocktails

5 Local Summer Cocktails You Need to Try

Looking for that perfect summer cocktail you’ve been so desperately needing to release the stresses of a painfully long Thursday? Yeah, we feel ya.

We understand the pain of being trapped inside when it’s a perfect 85 degrees and sunny outside your window. Even more painful? Not being able to decide where you want to grab a quick Happy Hour drink and soak up the last remaining minutes of sun. So in order to subdue some of those stresses in your life (we’ll leave that job for your boss) we decided to do some sipping around the city to bring you the best Hartford cocktails of the summer.

Whether you decide to try them all in one day or use them as an excuse to Happy Hour every day after work, that’s up to you.

1) Jalapeño Business – Chango Rosa

Hartford Cocktails

What we love about it: The subtle kick of spicy jalapeño slowly sneaks up on you after each sip. These bad boys are dangerous, make sure you sip these slowly because they go down smooth.

2) El Diablo – Little River Restoratives

What we love about it: Tequila mixed with ice cold ginger beer is the perfect summer combo… did we mention it has tequila?? This is by far one of our fav Hartford cocktails.

3) 24 Carrot – Zohara Mediterranean Kitchen

Hartford Cocktail Zohara

What we love about: The faint sweetness from cardamom, honey and lemon. Also, when else can you get your daily dose of vitamin C and a buzz going on at the same time?

4) Spicy Pomegranate Margarita – Firebox

Firebox Hartford Cocktail

What we love about it: Not too salty, not too sweet, not too spicy – everything was juuust right. Oh, and also the fact that it’s only $7 during happy hour.

5) Adult Snow Cones – Harlan Brasserie

Last but not least.

Harlan Brasserie Hartford Cocktail

What we love about it: The fact that it’s a boozy snow cone… nuff said.