Spa Soli

A Visit to the Salt Cave in West Hartford

A Salt Cave is known to improve your health, mood and skin; providing benefits such as improved respiratory conditions, sleeping patterns, reduced stress and headaches, and an increase in energy and your overall sense of well-being.

In the need of all these things and wrapped in the stresses of this holiday season, the weHartford crew and I decided to look for a salt cave in the area. We expected the nearest one to be a far reach away, but after a little bit of research, we found that there was a salt cave less than 15 minutes from our office in downtown Hartford – WIN!

Spa Soli

A couple weeks later and we made our way over to Spa Soli, which is oh-so conveniently located right in the middle of West Hartford.

Before even entering the room, you’re taken aback by the salt cave. I mean, it’s not something you see quite often. It really felt like we were in a cave…. in the middle of West Hartford.

The cave is covered in Himalayan salt blocks of all sizes.

It kind of feels as if you’re inside a pink igloo made out of Himalayan salt (but way less cold).

Before starting our session, Danielle, the manager of the spa, explained to us how the whole process works. Long story short, the salt lamps in the cave release negative ions that purify the air, killing bacteria and reducing radiation.

So all the time I spend standing in front of the microwave waiting for the timer to hit zero? And all the time we spend staring at screens? Consider it counteracted by the salt cave!

As Danielle closed the door behind us to our own private salt cave, we laid back into the zero gravity chairs, covering ourselves with warm fuzzy blankets. Above us shined twinkling lights, and surrounding us were blocks and pebbles of iridescent salt. Between the fuzzy blanket, the therapeutic music, and the twinkling stars above us – we quickly got into a deep relaxation.

And I’m not an expert on describing air, but inside the salt cave my sinuses immediately felt like they cleared up – breathing in some of the crispest air you can image.

The salt cave sessions at Spa Soli are 45 minutes long, which was just long enough for us to take in our surroundings, and then get into a (deeply) relaxed state.

Spa Soli

After our salt cave session, we took a quick tour of Spa Soli, which opened up just a year ago. Each room in the spa offers a different type of service, from facials and massages to an infrared sauna and nail treatments.

Spa Soli prides itself on being an all-natural, organic, and holistic spa. They’re strong advocates for non-animal tested products, and all of their products are toxin free. From their nail polish to their lotions, they’re very conscious about what they put on people’s bodies.

Spa Soli

Enticed by all of Spa Soli’s offerings – we quickly decided we would have to come back to experience more of the spa. We’ll most likely check the infrared sauna of our wishlist next – as it’ll be the perfect way to sweat out toxins and shed those post-holiday cookie calories!